Child Care



Grace has a lovely nursery with a great fun playground outside.   There are  all kinds of arts and crafts, encouraging children to love, learn, and  share.  All the children are so great.   

Hello.  They call me Miss Dee.  I'm blessed to be able to mind the precious children of Grace Church Nursery.   

I'm  from London England.  I've previously worked as a psychiatric nurse and  a special needs care giver.  I’m a mother, grandmother and aunt.   I  love being with all ages.  

Please  either pop in and see me ( I'm there every Sunday morning and on  special events and holidays) or come and join me and get to see how your  child fits in. 


Child care for one and all!

I  encourage the children to have fun and burn off some energy, you'll be  happy to know. You'll often find me sitting on the floor or blowing up  balloons.  Blowing bubbles. Playing catch. 

Having said that, I do not approve of bad behavior and bad manners. 

You  are most welcome to come and meet with me.  I'm there to help.  We will  work together on what works for you and your child /children.  

I know they're all God's Children, but I'll treat them as my own: with love, kindness and understanding.   

-Miss Dee.


Supervised play and fun events!

There are always fun times at Grace!  And safety is a primary concern at all times.  All volunteers take Safeguarding God's Children, a four-hour course on interacting safely with children.


Caring for the future

Even though Grace is only 20 years old, we have raised generations of  youngsters now enrolled in college or enlisted in the military.