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The Book Club

(2nd Sundays from 7pm-til)

The  Book Club is a loose-knit group with no elected or appointed officers.  We seek insight to our religious and spiritual nature through literature  and then share our thoughts and discoveries in a respectful, group  discussion format.

We  select fiction and nonfiction. Some of the more popular or renowned  authors we have read include Mitch Albom, Jodi Picoult, C. S. Lewis, Max  Lucado, Jonathon Edwards, Thomas Cahill, Jan Caron and the Dalai Lama.  Some of the more scholarly or obscure include Elaine Pagels, Joseph  Campbell, Karen Armstrong, Thomas Merton and Huston Smith. We  occasionally read a humorous or light-hearted book, especially after an  intense reading. Christopher Buckley falls into this category.

We  usually meet in the home of a bookworm on the second Sunday of the  month at 7:00 PM for a couple of hours of exploration. We like to ask  questions. The book is often merely the starting point for conversation  that turns philosophical, resulting in questions unanswered or  unanswerable. From time to time, we may watch a video, read poetry or  have a supper night at a restaurant. All people associated with Grace  Episcopal Church are invited to participate.

We  have reviewed titles such as How the Irish Saved Civilization, Life of  Pi, The Glass Castle, The Shack and God Is Not One. We have also enjoyed  Christmas suppers at Stonewood Tavern, reading our favorite poetry and  prose. 

Participation has ranged from four to sixteen people, averaging six to ten on a typical evening.

Join  us on our inquisitive journey through interesting literature. For more  information, please call LeGrand Jones at 978-9473, or


Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team is a very special group (as are all our groups!)  We  meet every other Saturday at 9 am for worshipful music and prayer for  unity, growth, and depth of spirit