Status: Part-time 18 hours a week.

Compensation: $24-26,000 commensurate with experience.

Start Date: June 1, 2020


The Organist and Choir Director is ultimately responsible for overseeing the entire

music ministry within the life of the church. The Director reports to the Rector, working

closely with the Vestry Commission for Worship. This includes regular communication

with the Rector, the Vestry, and the congregation at large. The Director shall be under

the direct supervision of the Rector.

Essential Job Functions

The Director shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Consulting with the Rector to set a clear vision for the role of the music ministry within the life of the Church. This may be accomplished through prayer, consultation with other colleagues, and utilizing the talents and thoughts of a variety of congregational members.
  2. Directing the Choir. This includes all aspects of planning, rehearsing, and integrating this ensemble into the service. The Choir is the group ultimately responsible for leading the congregation musically on Sunday mornings and for other special services. The Director should have solid knowledge of pedagogy for amateur singers and the ability to recruit, motivate and inspire novice as well as experienced choristers.
  3. Selecting appropriate music for all services by consulting with the Rector. This includes using a myriad of musical resources from the authorized sources in the Episcopal Church, including the Hymnal 1982, Lift Every Voice and Sing II, Wonder, Love, and Praise, Liturgical Music for the Revised Common Lectionary Years A, B, C, and other musical resources that are deemed appropriate for either traditional or contemporary services.
  4. Accompanying and leading congregational music. Proficiency at playing the pipe organ and/or electronic organ with multiple consoles and foot pedals is required. Ability to operate other keyboards and synthesizers to enhance worship, and other instruments are abilities that are considered a boon for the Director.
  5. Ability to learn how to work with hauptwerk electronic interface software that will be installed in the church organ to enhance the versatility of the current instrument.
  6. Leading other musical groups as the need arises. These groups may include a bell choir, adult/youth musicals or cantatas, children’s Christmas pageants, or any other when deemed necessary and important.
  7. Providing music for weddings and funerals at the church as directed by the Rector.
  8. In the absence of the Director, arranging for someone to be responsible for musical activities during the times that the Director must be absent. The Director may be absent with prior notice to the Rector a total of four Sundays per year.
  9. Arranging any special music needed for choir or worship purposes.
  10. Functioning as a musical resource for the congregation.
  11. Encouraging active participation for anyone in the church who may be interested in offering a musical talent. This is especially encouraged for the Sunday preludes and for the offertory.
  12. Meeting with the Rector on a regular basis to discuss service music and musical needs of the local community. The Director will lead in planning and hosting organ recital concerts for the community quarterly or so for outreach benefits to worthy causes, built around key dates or special occasions. Signature sponsors of organizations or businesses will be encouraged to feature as hosts of such events. Guest local musicians will be invited to participate, especially professional musicians from local community institutions that offer professional training in relevant musicianship. Such concerts may be followed by formal cocktail receptions with silent auctions to raise awareness or support select charities or causes of interest.
  13. Maintaining proper communication with the congregation through announcements and newsletter articles
  14. Attending continuing education opportunities so as to continually be refining the craft of musical leadership.

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Interested candidates should send their CV and/or resume with cover letter and at least three professional references to

Fr. Benjamin Twinamaani, Rector

Grace Episcopal Church

15102 Amberly Drive

Tampa, Florida 33647

Tel: 813.971.8484.ext 11